What can be more symbolic than bringing our Why on the Great wall of China.

This Tuesday, August 22 2017 we had a very nice trek on the wild portion of the Great Wall in the Gubeiko Area. And for sure we couldn’t do this 3 hours trek without bringing with us some bags to collect the plastic bottles and other things that we could find on the way. In the end of the tour we had 5 full bags. it just really symbolic as we could have taken much much more if we had more arms to help us.

There was different highlights during this tour. Meeting with some tourist and locals and exchanging with them about what we are doing and why we do it.

We were happy to see that the locals are also cleaning regularly the Wall. ( Even if obviously it wasn’t done recently). They dont do it really because they care for nature, but for economical reason. They can sell the bottles they collect so that they can improve their living condition. If economical reason is good enough to improve the nature protection and their life…lets do it. By the way, it was really fun talking with the locals and having some jokes with them.

At the end of the walk, we were able to install our inflatable sofa for and get a refreshing beer for a really relaxing inspiring moment. And for sure , the cans of beer where not left around šŸ™‚


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