Is there a better place to meet people and exchange with them than around a table during a meal ? So Imagine the opportunities we had to interact during this amazing food tour in Beijing.

We had the chance to stroll along the old Beijing streets with our private Tuk tuk to go from one table to another. We visited 4 places for salty food and one for dessert. The last place was an amazing Brewery, the only Brewery in Beijing own by a local.

For the food side, we did try , some noodles, a Mongolian BBQ, some Salty pancakes that we filled with different meat and veggies, and a delicious emperor style “meat cake” the dessert was a kind of sweet cheese, cooked in Chinese wine. A real positive surprise.

The big interest of the tour was also all the encounter we had on the way. First of all, its a join in tour, so we had the chance to meet first other persons who came with the same willing than us, trying some food, and enter some of the most local food places and if grab any opportunity to talk and share some smiles with real Beijinger’s. And we got it, we saw so many smile of happiness from the people we meet. We felt a kind of pride and happiness from the locals to see that we were coming in their favorite places and try their favorite dishes. We had to “Ganbei” many times with them before drinking our beer straight, with big smile and lot of laugh.

The last stop in the pub give us more opportunities to connect. All the beers on the black board have different strange names, a good chance to ask advises from the aficionados of the place. Some even let me try their beer in their glasses and share some advices about the different flavors and what to get. The night ended quite late and I was happy to find easily, for once, a Taxi, who brought me straight to my hotel.

If you also want to connect with people and share inspiring moment, this is a real experience to do.

Thanks to Lost Plate, for the tour .


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    1. Its many small places in the Hutong. We used the service of a small agency specialized in food tour. they brought us around with their uk tuk. Really great tour

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