We are willing to bring you on tour out of the beaten tracks, really out. The idea is to go in some special places, using the less travelled roads so that we see places that no other or few other peoples went and,  meet locals who are not used to see travellers so that we can create surprises for all.

To make sure that we can pass on any roads, but also that we can bring you there in a safe way, we went to experience our new SUV on some very challenging roads. We did pass in heavy deep mud, got stuck because of some hidden big stones, climbed some stiff hills, took some bumped trail that left our tire up, slide from the front & back wheels. It was such a fun day and I can tell you …the cars were able to pass really everywhere on that day.

Here we can see the most difficult part of the test. Was a little tricky, but in the end it passed really well 🙂


Finally, we couldn’t do this test without enjoying the discovery of some villages and have some encounter with some villagers. Summer holidays are ending soon, but kids are still going around in the village and were really happy to meet some foreigners and try to talk with us. The grand mothers  gave us some big smiles when we tried our Chinese skills with them. ” Oh Laowai ( foreigners ) can speak Chinese !!! ”


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