Do, repeat and repeat …..again. If we want to have an impact today, there is not much choice than repeating and repeating so people will notice what we do, question the interest, the value and hopefully..adhere.

We try to act regularly on the ground, make some changes, talk to people , explain why we do what we do, and why thing s must change. Then we share on social media and try to spread the idea around. But who really read the post on the social media. People look then like, look then like, look then like, look like, look like. ..event sometimes without really opening the photo or read the text. Repeat and repeat again so we can touch at least one person here and one person there and help change some habit, and help people reconnect with some positive thought and actions.

So this time again, we went back in the nature, along the river, in a place that should be a real nice place for some BBQ. Should be, yes, should be , because many people came here and left this place in a shameful condition. I even wonder how people can find some pleasure to come here and make BBQ. Pic Nic is nice, I love it , but to find pleasure you must do it in a nice environment. How can they?

So we went there during our lunch break and we clean this zone. Some people around saw us. Maybe it will tilt in their mind. Maybe some other will notice some change and be more careful. But I guess we will have to come here again and again so more people will see and notice and change their behaviour.

The good point, or I would say , the great point, is that we got 2 new comers in our small team. They did really great. They worked under the heat with big smiles and they were able to collect more than expected. Another good news…. on the way back to our office, one of them asked me …When do we do it again ?


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