Being a traveller’s don’t need you to do big and long expeditions. It can start just at the corner of your home and everyday can be a discovery.

I love when I can take the time to go quietly in the neighborhood to enjoy some local breakfast. My favorite is probably a mix of different steamed raviolis or dim sum. On one side of the room two or tree peoples are preparing them, mixing the paste, rolling and cutting it, inserting the fillings.

On the other side of the room, big waves of smokes indicates where they are steamed. The staff is checking regularly that every layer will be cooked correctly.

The place is an open place. Few tables and chairs a ready to welcome the customers. Welcome is a big word here. Actually, the place is quite simple and is designed for customers to pass quickly, enjoy one or two tray of dim sum, sometimes a soup or a glass of soya milk then go. Some days you will have a table just for yourself, sometimes people will join your table. This is a chance to meet and exchange with the people of the neighbourhood, some old retired person who comes here as if it is a tradition or to a mum and her kid, getting their breakfast here before going to school.

Not much time to create some deep relationship, but sometimes, a sunny day can start with some nice dim sum and friendly smiles.


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