Let’s discover cities through people and encounters!
Whether you call it Paris of the East, the Pearl of the Orient or the cool & confident face of modern China, we need to agree on one thing. You won’t feel and understand the real vibe of Shanghai by just going to the Bund or reaching the top of Shanghai Tower. It is a multidimensional city with numerous faces and it is more than its signature, 21st century skyline (no matter how impressive it is).
Fortunately, back in 2015, a small group of passionate, young entrepreneurs decided that Shanghai deserved more meaningful and deeper form of explorations than just visiting those “cliché” landmarks.
That is how Culture Shock Bike Tours was born and ever since then, they have been putting their best ‘wheels’ forward to help expats and visitors embrace the spirit of this unique city. How do they make a difference?
Their uniqueness lies in getting off the beaten path and seeking as many opportunities as possible to interact with the local people in their daily life. It includes learning Taichi or other peculiar Chinese games with the local elderly. They also usually get invited by the lovely Shanghainese people to their Shikumen accommodation and listen to intriguing stories from those who have witnessed the fascinating evolution of the city.
At the same time, they show respect and appreciation for the Chinese culture and what foreigners can learn from it. Small companies like Culture Shock never cease to remind us that the key to discover a new destination is through genuine interactions with its original inhabitants for the ultimate grasp of Shanghai’s one-of- a kind energy.
We are all witnessing the change of people’s attitude & habits, the way people re-order their priorities and what “relationships” mean in the 21 st century. Whether you like it or not, there is a trend to dematerialisation of these interactions between people.

We believe that the best way to reconnect with reality, with human values and inter-relations is by simply talking to each other, laughing at each other and not being scared by the others.
We all have something to learn from the encounters we do each day and when you join Culture Shock for a ride, you become actor! You don’t just pass by, take a picture and post it on your social media page. They introduce you to locals, they even translate for you when necessary and magic will happen when people who do not talk the same language finally burst into laughers and share unforgettable memories!

For more information or to experience the Culture Shock tour in Shanghai please contact us : inspire@viral-impact.com


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