It’s not about having the perfect schedule and planned tour. It’s about, hitting the road and seizing every opportunity to discover, meet, exchange and bring back some unique and unforgettable memories. Get into the skin of a modern day adventurer who’s committed to unearthing new places to discover and share. 

This road trip is going from the capital of  Guizhou province to Guangzhou in Guangdong province, passing through the province of  Guangxi. We’ve designed this trip to discover those provinces in another way, far from the main touristic roads, passing though some villages that are still undeveloped and where the locals only see a handful of tourists each year. During this trip we will do also regular Plogging activity

We will pass along mountain roads, across rivers, between karst peak, passing by some of the less used road…. as much as possible.

The idea is to enjoy some awe-inspiring drives, but also to stop as much as possible along the way to enjoy the panorama, sample local flavours, do some short trekking whenever we feel it and visit some little visited villages. Whilst we exchange our experiences with the local people, learn about their life and habits; why not cook and eat with them as well?! But also live some moments of real exchange between visitor and local alike, forgetting our social media ( at least till we are in our room at night! ) just to enjoy each other’s stories and immerse ourselves in our remote surroundings.


The trip will start from Guiyang. We need to take the high way for around 2 hours to go out from the main touristic circle and find our road that will lead us to the first small villages.  There will be different possible stop in different villages before we reach our the final destination for the first day.  We will then sleep in the house of locals. They modified their house in order to welcome some visitors. The diner will be cook by our host.

The coming days (5 Days) will be spend in the Guangxi province. We will pass by mountain road, stop in villages, trek in the terraces, visit some colourful local market where the local ethnies come to buy and sell their daily food.

We will then move to the Guangxi province. This province is famous for its rice terraces in the north and it’s Karst peak in the Southern part. As we will see already a lot of rice terraces in the first part of the trip, we plan to skip them in this province, especially because they are much more touristy. We will drive directly to Yangshuo where are the Karst peak. To go there, we will try a mountain road and see what can be find there. The idea is also to pass far away from the main axe that goes in the south even if the new high way is really smooth. We should reach Yangshuo at the end of the day. We plan to stay in a really cute guest house out of town to enjoy the true spirit of the area. The next day will be spend doing some activities around the area, bike or walk, nice food, relax a little .

To finish the trip, we will drive down to Guangzhou. We can have some times to discover the old streets of the city and end with a wonderful seafood  diner.

Departure Date: We will take the road on April 2, 2018 starting from Guiyang. End on April 8 afternoon in Guangzhou

Day 1: Guiyang – Shangzhaicun – 430 KM – Night in a village in Home stay. Simple accomodation

Day 2: Shangzhaicun – Rongjiang – 290 KM – Night in the city of Rongjiang. Simple Hotel

Day 3: Rongjiang – Jiangbang – 275 KM – Night in a nice hotel facing the rice terraces.

Day 4: Day In Jiangbang – Not much drive. Trekking and village discovery. Same hotel

Day 5: Jiangbang – Sanjiang – 168 KM…but might be more if we decide to go and see some other villages. Night in Sanjiang Hotel

Day 6: Sanjiang – Yangshuo – 264 KM – Night in nice small boutique hotel in the country side

Day 7: Yangshuo. Visit of the surrounding. Night in same hotel

Day 8: Yangshuo – Guangzhou – 413 KM … Night Optional .

Price : 6886 CNY / Person

Note: for now there is only one car. So We accept only 3 peoples to join. If someone want to join with his car, please contact us to talk about the conditions. In this case we might be able to accept more people on the tour

This Include:

  • The transport during 8 day in a SUV  ( incl gasoline, highway fee, parkings… and Me as a driver )
  • The night in Sharing room ( 2 person / room ) from the night of April 2 to  the night of April 7 (6 nights)
  • All the meals from April 2 lunch to April 8 Lunch

Not included:

  • the night in Guiyang or somewhere else in China if you arrive before the 2
  • The diner and the night on April 8 in Guangzhou
  • The drinks
  • Any personal expenses
  • The single supplement for the hotels

For any question or inquiry please contact us