The Viral-Impact Plogging community was created for different reasons.

First of all we want to make the promotion of other communities around the world who believe in what we believe. I can be association, NGO’s, Hotels, travel agencies or other business who care for their people and the environment, who take action to create to have a positive impact .

Also we are thinking about the people who are involve in some action and who travel and like to join some other communities during their trip..or communities who will be happy to meet travellers to join their action and exchange about it.

This page is made for all of you and will be update every time new community join us:

29871670_888863087985115_1702031045038870436_oIm Please to welcome on our page Plogging World from Sweden. From the birthplace of the plogging, where all this new inspiration and way of life started. PLOGGA or ‘Plogging’ is the act of going for a jog, while collecting trash along the way (‘Plocka upp’ or pick up in Swedish). It was founded by Erik Ahlström to inspire people to clean up in their communities, and get a good excise doing it! The purpose of this group is to open up a global community for everyone around the world who has been arranging “Plogging” events, or are planning to do so in their communities. This is a space where we can share information and ideas to help boost local Plogga events and get more people involved. their facebook is :   and their website…if you speak Swedish :

27972469_1815631538737604_2189106548164597189_nIn Malta : Plogging Malta Event.  Hello, it all started last week when I saw a video of a lady doing plogging, now I’m sharing it on local groups to get people to join our group and join us for our first event soon. 😊 The official page

28153583_188157348452851_1565526385529716736_nIn Lynnwood . WA . She is a dog walker. We are proud to welcome her in the community as our first Dog Plogger 🙂   She was walking dog around and one day became upset seeing the litter around and she started to act. Her Instagram is lynnwood_trash_ 


Iimg-0077n Freeport , Illinois, US we have here a nice community developing. They offer to be an Anti Litter Hero and to Be the change-Grime  fighter Here is their website:  and their facebook page: 

28238625_10215796433090416_9092939612256392437_oMexico in the Cities Puebla/Cholula. Plogging CDMX is a very big and active community here. To contact them and act with them you can go on their facebookpage  https://

28279587_2127748044136964_3237656950581779428_nAnother group in Mexico. Plogging CDMX . Great to see the community so active in Mexico. If you travel there, contact them and go to do some plogging with them. Their facebook page is :

28279221_134181634069683_1788244753204698773_nIn Mar Del Plata, Argentina we have Plogging Argentina, a big community reaching the 200 members on their facebook page. They are on a beach city, Im sure their plogging day are very heavy. facebook page :

Instagram plogging.arg.mdp

27544938_10215704791832931_4419820503034499809_nHelsinki, Finland is part of the community with Arabianrannan plogging-ryhmä (roskakeräysjuoksu) Click on their name to access their facebook page, and give them some encouragement.


T27067796_10215409619659896_4711432934419712254_nhere is a group in Warsawa, Poland. They are called. I dont speak polish so i cant read their facebook page, but they can speak english if you want to contact them. here is their facebook page Plogging Warszawa – biegam i zbieram śmieci


27573448_845914675569177_4133214494010638336_nIn Suffolk, UK , we have Less for Land fill who raise awareness for waste issues and show others how to reduce the amount of waste we produce . You can find them on Instagram lessforlandfill



27752213_10214646013042453_4806869866432790526_nFrom France, my Native country, we have a community in Rennes, in the beautiful Britanny province with Plogging Rennais . A great place to travel and have beautiful site to run and do something useful.


70040-plogging_koeln_schueler4We have German friend in the beautiful city of Koln or Cologne. Seems they are super active and very well organize. Im sure I will have a lot to lean from them.  They group name is GruenKoepfe. they have a website, and facebook page called Plogging Cologne


Another friend in Mexico with Sí Me Importa / Actitud Verde

@SiMeImportaActitudVerde click on the name to go to their facebook page. Impressive to see so many plogging community in Mexico



27880642_150641568957938_8046266198469378048_nIn Bilbao Spain. We Byebye- plasticos.  Byebye plasticos dont have a facebook page, just an instagram. this is the message I got from ” I dont have any website. its just me picking up plastic from the beach and trying to change my life style”


27544650_10160316178385221_4898088767799900642_nAnd another one in Mexico with Plogging México Honnestly, if someone goes in Mexico, want to do some plogging and tell me after that he didn’t find a community there…means I totally failed in my project. But if you read it , im sure I wont.

27540892_2048618852034355_636284799372358773_nPlogging Montreal is a community of 50 Members. Great size for efficient action. please contact them on their facebook page if you want to go some plogging with them


28423334_162807571191873_1897137179960142954_oIn the very famous and dream place of Hawai, Plogging Hawai is im sure very busy cleaning their little paradise. You can contact them for some support in their facebook page


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.52.04We have friends acting in Bogota. They have 714 members on their facebook page. Im Jalous of this number, i wish my group can grow the same. If you want to contact them here is their page PLOGGING BOGOTA


27331913_10160316142905221_4559590925444921242_nI really like the picture of Plogging Espana on their facebook page. Another beautiful country dear to my heart to protect with lots of coast and beautiful nature. To join them here is their facebook link 






And another community in my country, in the famous city of Lyon in France. if you want to eat some great food, visit a beautiful city  and do a great action in this beautiful city contact them on they facebook Plogging Lyon