We want to help peoples connect with peoples and share inspiring moment so that we can live and work in a more fulfilling and trustable environment


The idea is to recreate bounds and connections between peoples, recreate moments of inspiration between them and inspire them to spread the idea around that all together we can have a positive Viral Impact on our world.


We have some dreams and we believe it’s possible to spread them around us. If you believe  what we believe you are welcome to join us and make an impact on our world.

How we want to do it?

We want to build and run expeditions  and help you build your own.

This platform is made for people who want to run their expeditions and what to share it with other by inviting them to join and share the expenses.

This platform is also made for people who would like to join some expeditions but dont have time or the knowledge to build their own, but want to jump in others project and share with them their good spirit, fun and …some expenses.

The expeditions we will build and would like you to build or join dont have to be extreme, they can be simple and fun. They can last one day or much more. The important is that they will keep the spirit to connect peoples with peoples and share inspiring moments.

More How …. we want to do it !

  • By taking the unconventional perspective. See the things from different angles, Open up to do thing different way and by being creative
  • We want to Silver line it. Find something positive in every situation
  • We want to Build relationship
  • We must Push the boundaries
  • We want to do things ONLY if we believe in it

So what do we do to make it happen ?

  • We are building our own Expeditions.  Lets go on the road, discover or rediscover places in an inspiring way.
  • You can submit us your project, your ideas, request for advises or connections to help build your project. Contact us
  • You want to join an expedition already schedule… please check the expedition list.
  • You can have a look and relieve the past expeditions in Our Blog
  • We want to build a Viral-Impact community. If you believe in what we believe, and help spread the movement. Please send us a message to Join and be an inspiring actor.


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