We want to help to build and connect communities of people who act with purpose and foster inspiring moments, so we can live and work in more fulfilling and trusting environments.

The idea came from different ascertainment’s.

People are more and more disconnected from the real world and live more and more though social medias. People have the desire to have an impact on something but very often dont know how to do or what to do. People are looking more and more to do somethings that have a meaning and that people around care about what they are doing.

More and more people are concern with the environment. Its all over, the global warming, the pollution, the plastic, the consequences on the weather. We know that we need to do something, but what to do? is it working? when and how do I start ? Can we really do something ?

Personally I did encounter the same problems and use to have the same questions, looking to give more sense to my life and have a positive impact on the world around me.  Im travelling quite a lot, do a lot of sport, and while walking or running around my brain use to keep working on what should be the next move I need to  take to give more sense in what I am doing.

Since few years, plastic is more and more a concern for me. All those plastic bags, bottles and others that you can find around, in the nature, along a river, even sometimes just few meters away from a bin use to be something that disturbs me. I was angry with it, but what could I do except getting angry.  Then one day, Its Naturally that during a run, I started to collect those plastic bottles to throw them in the right place. And ………….

I felt GOOOOD.

So Good that I did the experience again, so good that I did propose some of my officemate to join me and they did. Then we did it and we all felts good. We did post our experience on the social medias, and some people ask us to join on the next run.

During a walk on the China great wall, we started the action again, and once again, we felt good, good of what we done, good to do it together, good because people who saw us doing it liked what we were doing and told us about it. Suddenly, it was not just about us and the feeling about doing what we were doing, it was also about having an impact on other persons and the possibility that we could spread the idea and the action.

Then one day a friend send me an article about “plogging”. I was doing it without knowing there was a name for this activity already. So great to see that there are many communities around the world doing this.

And Now What ??? What about if we could develop this a step further …. What about if we can help the Plogger community to develop, to connect between each others? What if we can do this activity or other activities to help peoples connect around, do something that have a purpose and experience inspiring moments so that we can live and work in a more fulfilling and trustable environment

So what do we do to make it happen ?

  • We will create a page where we like to promote all Plogging communities around the world so people interested to join could find a group beside their place or create their own and we can grow our action and have a bigger impact. If you want to appear on our page, please contact us
  • We are building some Expeditions with the idea to go on the road, discover or rediscover places in an inspiring way with some regular plogging activities where we pass
  • You can submit us your project, your ideas, request for advises or connections to help build your expedition or plogging trip. Contact us
  • You want to join an expedition already schedule… please check the expedition list.
  • You can have a look on the past expeditions in Our Blog
  • We will create a map of the place we want or need to do plogging and the places where we already went…but we might need to go again.
  • We like to have a page for all the other communities who act in a way or another to have a positive impact around us, or for the people who have ideas to make our action more efficient. All ideas are welcome.



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